“Bearing the cinematic sensibility of his filmmaking background, Xuan’s images illuminate the subtle details of severe realities. Capturing the elusive dance between space and light, he succeeds in composing images that seem to only require pressing the “play” button, as if the movement and instant in time will resume without further interruption. Fueled by global cultures and his own excursions though France, Cuba, Vietnam, Switzerland, Colombia and Mexico, Xuan continues to find common threads in the hands and stories of those he encounters. The ability to see the invisible, the seemingly unremarkable serves as his earliest memory, his greatest strength: “I come from concrete and dirt. For as long as I can remember, my earliest memories were of the concrete floors at my grandmother’s house, of the small grain-like holes and the pattern they created, like battered skin that endured relentless sun.”

Xuan Santer

Locale: New York, New York.